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January 17


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jpegktexpedition0117011133.jpg (158385 bytes) Bill, Reubs, & Richard at Albion Island Quarry, Belize.  We'd only been there a short time, and had already seen wonderful things.
jpegktexpedition0117011201.jpg (205052 bytes) Dr. Kevin Pope poses for scale below a "jacketed" dolomite boulder about six or seven meters across.  (See next shot down for a brief explanation.)  It now resides in the spherule bed of the impact breccia (ejecta).  Presumably, it's either a ripped up fragment of the underlying Barton Creek Dolomite, or it's a large clast ejected from the crater itself.
jpegktexpedition0117011211.jpg (253449 bytes) Reuben Johnson (me) posing with another "jacketed boulder."  The boulders in the ejecta exhibit a definite crust apparently of surrounding material that seems to have accreted (adhered) onto the boulders at the time they were being deposited.  The jacket on this boulder is indicated by my thumb and finger.  (There is some distortion due to parallax.)
jpegktexpedition0117011236.jpg (197997 bytes) The group discusses the strange nature of the boulders and various theories behind their origin.
jpegktexpedition0117011245.jpg (212618 bytes) Albion Island Quarry.  An excellent shot of the K/T Boundary in the quarry's wall.  Labels indicate the formations and their thickness, small arrows indicate the contact at the top of the Barton Creek Dolomite.  Note that this would have been the land's surface at time of impact, and the wavy nature of the contact is actually the Tertiary's topography.
jpegktexpedition0117011522a.jpg (259905 bytes)

jpegktexpedition0117011522b.jpg (270794 bytes)

Reuben taking notes on the spherule bed (the bottom-most layer of ejecta) in preparation for analyzing its magnetic intensity which will later be compared to that of the underlying Barton Creek Dolomite.  The variations in magnetic signature will be used to map the ejecta.
jpegktexpedition0117011737.jpg (312301 bytes)

jpegktexpedition0117011743.jpg (189621 bytes)

Just a couple of shots of "slickensides" in the spherule bed.  Units in the lower photo are centimeters.  If you're not a geologist, you probably won't be too interested in viewing these two.


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