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January 21


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jpegktexpedition0121010743.jpg (56151 bytes)

Sunrise in Mexico.

jpegktexpedition0121011025.jpg (229579 bytes) Children came to see what all the strange people were doing in the abandoned quarry near their homes where we stopped to work.
jpegktexpedition0121011144.jpg (440052 bytes) Reuben & Adriana scouting for new outcrops of the K/T boundary southeast of Madrazo, Mexico.
jpegktexpedition0121011246.jpg (193107 bytes) During our reconnaissance, we drove through a couple of cane fields that had been set fire.  The sound was akin to making popcorn.
jpegktexpedition0121011253.jpg (168388 bytes) GŁnther, always full of energy and endlessly curious takes a closer look at the field hand managing the fire.
jpegktexpedition0121011254.jpg (182619 bytes) Interestingly, a corn cob saturated with what's presumably kerosene serves as the ignition source for the torch.  We didn't see any fire fighting gear anywhere.
jpegktexpedition0121011927.jpg (168140 bytes) Later that day, we went to dinner.  There was a large cenote (a sinkhole filled with water) alongside the restaurant that some team members swam in.


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