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January 23


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Body work -- Belize style!  On this day, the "bridge" across the Rio Hondo wasn't so good to us.  The water level had dropped, and we were fully loaded with gear for our journey to southern Belize.  Consequently, we bent the bumpers on two of the vans.  The guys at Albion Island Quarry were kind enough to make a slight mechanical adjustment for us with their front-end loader.  Note the van's wheels.  By the way, they did a great job!
jpegktexpedition0123011322.jpg (212337 bytes) Wow!  Bull's horn thorns.  And these aren't even the biggest ones!
jpegktexpedition0123011730.jpg (149199 bytes) Sergio & Reuben in the Jungle at Pook's Hill.  It was so beautiful that I could easily live there and be very happy.  There's no doubt in my mind that I will return to this place.
jpegktexpedition0123011731.jpg (163881 bytes) Richard in the twin-canopy jungle at Pook's Hill.  Can you believe the sun is still up?
jpegktexpedition0123011734.jpg (155507 bytes) Reuben & Sergio crossing a jungle stream.


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