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January 27


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jpegktexpedition0127011018.jpg (246741 bytes) Al Fischer gives a field lecture with an improvised sketch board.
jpegktexpedition0127011141.jpg (304977 bytes) I know, you're thinking, "Who are these people that take pictures of rocks?"  Well maybe you would too if they were some of the coolest rocks on earth.  Afterall, these rocks are from the impact that killed the dinosaurs.

This is a differentiated clast with a dolomitic interior and limestone shell.  Hmmm...

jpegktexpedition0127011151a.jpg (118124 bytes)

jpegktexpedition0127011151.jpg (88589 bytes)

Reubs with Al Fischer (center) and David King (right) at the Armenia Road Cut outcrop, Belize.  That's Tim in the background on the left, gathering a sample.
jpegktexpedition0127011308a.jpg (196370 bytes) A leaf cutter soldier.  The picture doesn't do a good job on showing its true size.  These things are like gorillas!
jpegktexpedition0127011308.jpg (252246 bytes) Leaf cutter nest.  It's quite an operation, really.  Like airmen loading a C-5A Galaxy cargo plane, the ants haul in their goods.  I was surprised at how large the opening is.  I'd like to see how they handle rain.
jpegktexpedition0127011309.jpg (183191 bytes) Look carefully at this picture, and you can actually see two paths that the ants have worn into the soil!  They merge together then continue off to the upper right.  Who would have thought that such tiny feet could make such a noticeable trail.
jpegktexpedition0127011314.jpg (210457 bytes) It's clear how the ants handle enemies.  Here's a leaf cutter soldier on the war path!  Tim found a HUGE ant nest, and when a park ranger stomped on it, the troops rose to the occasion.  This one clamped into Tim's boot with its tremendous jaws, and wouldn't let go for anything.  Note the heavy boot lace (that's no thin, wimpy shoe lace!).
jpegktexpedition0127011719.jpg (212434 bytes) Sergio handing our candy to a group of kids.  Bill and Sho are in the left background.
jpegktexpedition0127011740.jpg (127714 bytes) Sunset.  The final picture of the trip.


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