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K/T Expedition 2001 Home Page


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Welcome to Reuben Carl Johnson's

home page of the

Cretaceous / Tertiary

Expedition - 2001

A cooperative endeavor to gather geologic data on the Chicxulub impact ejecta in Belize and Mexico

January 16 - 28, 2001



    On January 16th, 1991, the United States began offensive operations against Iraq in the Persian Gulf War.  At the time, I was an airman in the US Navy aboard the aircraft carrier, USS John F. Kennedy.  As we launched our first air strike that night, I wondered where I would be in ten years if I survived the war.  Interestingly, it was ten years later -- to the day -- that I left for the Yucatan to begin what would be an event of equal magnitude in the effect it will have on my life.  For me, this expedition was more than a simple trip, more than a learning experience... it was and shall remain a symbol of how far I've come in the ten years since feeling the most uncertainty I have ever known.  My future is clear to me now.  I like where it's going.  It's still an extraordinary adventure.



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    Note:  The quality of the images will be related to your monitor's resolution capability and screen settings, its contrast and brightness adjustments, and your video card.


    This colorful bar should be a graduated rainbow with red at both ends.  Look for a smooth transition between colors with no banding or annoying dots.



    The two rainbows below do not have smooth gradations. One exhibits dots and a rough transition, and the other is divided into distinct color bands. You will see these types of images with monitors of limited color.



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