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January 19


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jpegktexpedition0119011420.jpg (263340 bytes) Reubs, Sergio, Bill, Günther, and Cole pose (showing leg!) in front of a derelict power shovel in Albion Island Quarry.
jpegktexpedition0119011428.jpg (259599 bytes) Helmut ("Hat") and Francisco (the expedition paleontologist) at the base of the quarry wall.  Minutes earlier, Francisco found a fossilized crab in the Tertiary's Barton Creek Dolomite.  This find is testament to his incredible skill as a paleontologist because only a small portion of the crab was exposed, and it was not at all clear that it was even a fossil.
jpegktexpedition0119011456.jpg (263466 bytes) Reuben searching for fossils in the dolomite.  In addition to the crab above, some gastropods (snails) were found, by others on the "paleo crew," but I didn't find a thing all day!  Nonetheless, it was 95° and coming from Wisconsin, I enjoyed the heat (sort of).
jpegktexpedition0119011817.jpg (234890 bytes)

jpegktexpedition0119011818.jpg (153002 bytes)

On the way "home" that night, we stopped to watch a trail of leaf cutter ants as they crossed the road.  I was hoping to see some.  We would run across more later in the trip where I saw something I wouldn't have imagined possible.


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