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January 20


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jpegktexpedition0120011030.jpg (135922 bytes) Reuben in the long, 2-hour process of crossing into Mexico.  Hmmm... all that paperwork seemed like a bunch of busy-work to me.
jpegktexpedition0120011404.jpg (300290 bytes) Reubs at the entrance to Kohunlich, a Mayan archeological site in Mexico that we took the time to visit and have lunch at.  Amazingly, these ruins were discovered in 1992!  THANK YOU Kevin and Adriana!
jpegktexpedition0120011404a.jpg (282146 bytes) Taka, GŁnther, and Helmut stop to look into the jungle on the trail into Kohunlich.
jpegktexpedition0120011406.jpg (268683 bytes) Taka and GŁnther check the map at the entrance.
jpegktexpedition0120011421.jpg (244782 bytes) Kevin and Sergio in the main plaza at KohunlichFrancisco and Taka are in the middle back, and the "Nebraska Coalition" (the Wonderwise film crew comprised of Terry, Gary and Dan) can be seen in the far back.
jpegktexpedition0120011430.jpg (221493 bytes) Reuben checking out the Temple of the Faces (?).  The carvings are actually painted, so they are carefully sheltered from the sun, and no flash photography is allowed.
jpegktexpedition0120011433.jpg (184373 bytes) The temple was built about the time the Maya were transitioning between worshiping gods and men.  This picture was taken under the sunscreen without a flash.  Digital is great!
jpegktexpedition0120011451.jpg (255088 bytes) I didn't get a chance to find out what this structure is because I was too interested in that exceptionally beautiful tree.  Notice how large the steps are I'm standing on.
jpegktexpedition0120011532.jpg (235232 bytes) The group takes a moment after lunch to get oriented and brief on the goals of the coming days in Mexico.  This shot mainly captures Kevin, Sergio, and Adriana.
jpegktexpedition0120011632.jpg (296690 bytes) Hat and Reubs take a moment off along a stream of incredibly clear water.  So clear that it was very tempting to drink.  Yikes!
jpegktexpedition0120011708.jpg (187615 bytes) Miniature Hoodoos or "Demoiselles" (French for young lady as in "damsel").  They're formed when rain erodes the loose material from around a small rock while leaving behind the material immediately under the rock to form a column.


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